This is a map of the Southern Colonies.
List the Colonies in your region and who was the Founder of the Colony:

Colony Founder

The founder of Roanoke, was Sir Walter Raleigh. Roanoke was indeed a failure, but the reason for this was that Sir Walter Raleigh funded his colony with only his, and sometimes his friends, money. This meant that no steady stream of revenue could be set up to help maintain a stable colony in America.
Sir Walter Raleigh

Virginia was founded by John Smith, who is remembered for his role of establishing the first permanent English settlement in America, Jamestown. This was the first successful English colony, which did very well. With all of it's exports and imports, it was able to sustain itself very easily.

John Smith
The Carolinas:
The Carolinas were all founded by a group of men called the Lord of Proprietors. There were 8 original proprietors which included, The Duke of Albemarle, The Earl of Clarendon, Lord John Berkeley, The Earl of Craven, Sir George Carteret, Sir William Berkeley, John Colleton, and The Earl of Shaftesbury, these men were noble to King Charles, and they helped him regain his throne in 1660.

They named the province of Carolina after King Charles, because the latin spelling of Charles is "Carolus". These men were very loyal to King Charles, and were also very intelligent, due to this, the Carolina province was very successful.

James Oglethorpe was a British general from London, who joined the army when he was 18, in 1714. After he had become successful in the army, he was assigned to establish a new colony, Georgia, in 1732. This was the last English colony to be founded in America.
James Oglethorpe

Why the colonies were founded:

Landowners realized that the Southern colonies had lots of farmland. The plains and hills were great for raising crops. The fertile soil and warm weather helped the crops to be successful. Parts of the south particularly Charleston, South Carolina became a successful port of trade, So people were able to become rich and successful due to the thriving business. The Southern Colonies were funded mostly by aristocrats (descendants of royalty). The Southern Colonies were created to make money! The wealthy enslaved African Americans(in 1619) to carry out their dirty work.

Geographical Characteristics for the Colonies:

Georgia is very dry, due to this, there are many pine trees, and vine-like plants. The landscape here is full of red clay, which is very tough, so that only a few plants are able to withstand growing through the soil.

Back when Virginia was being formed it was very swampy, and humid. It provided a sub-tropical climate that was great for growing tobacco. Since the Virginian's had so much tobacco, they would export it to other countries.

Maryland has no natural lakes, which provides a very dry landscape in some areas, but traps waterfall in others. Due to this the soil is very sandy, as well as muddy, rather than being rocky, such as the New England colonies. Since the variance in the water is so great, there are marshlands, sandy dunes, and pine groves.

North Carolina:
North Carolina has rich soil, perfect for growing many plants, such as tobacco, soybeans, melons, and cotton. The plants were able to be watered, due to the sheer amount of river basins in North Carolina (17 to be exact). The only place in the colony where it was difficult to grow plants was in the west, where the Appalachian mountains were located.

South Carolina:
South Carolina has many natural ports, some of which are now named, such as, Charleston and Georgetown. Earthquakes happen on occasion, however hurricanes can be more frequent, and even more dire.

Explain the role religion played in the development of your region:

Southern colonies said they had religious freedom, but that was not often true. The most common religion was Anglican.(Anglicans Presbyterian and Baptist.) The most churches were along the cost in the south. Religion was not to big in the Southern colonies, but they would still sit in church just about all day and they celebrated Holy days. The Maryland toleration act of 1649 was an important religious act. The founders of Maryland needed to attract more colonist to have a profitable settlement. Catholics were mainly settled in Maryland, but most of the new settlers were Puritans which created fighting. However the Maryland toleration act allowed all kinds of religious beliefs.

The Economic Conditions of the Regions:

Some of the most common things to export in the southern colonies were tobacco, rice, wheat and indigo. They used slaves to work at the big plantations. The big plantations were owned by rich wealthy people. Of course that means that they owned the slaves. Many of the rich owned slaves. They used coins to pay for products. They would make the products and other countries would buy the products. England was the country who would buy the most goods.

The Attitude Towards Slavery:

Slavery was popular in the southern colonies. Slaves were referred to as indentured servants for many years. Harsh punishments were given to slaves who tried to escape or did not obey their masters. Whippings and branding were among the standard punishments. Slavery also became the cornerstone in the political system and so it continued to the time of the Civil War. The first African Americans arrived in Jamestown in 1619, and were brought as servants, not slaves. In the young years in the southern colonies there were very few slaves, by the year 1650,(31 years from the first African Americans arriving) there were only 300 blacks. In 1670 the house of Burgesses made a law that servants being imported that were not Christians already would be servants for the rest of their life. By 1750 there were 100,000 slaves in Virginia, outnumbering the indentured servants by a lot. Slavery was first made for economic reasons but then whites made a matter of skin. Slave owners were allowed to punish maim and even kill slaves. Informal social bargains with the rich and poor tried to prevent a class rebellion, which blew out in Bacon's Rebellion which was in 1676. Over three fourths of all the blacks lived on plantations were there were at least ten slaves, many lived in communities of 50 slaves or more.

Methods Used to Cure or Deal with illnesses:

They used food and herbs to cure or deal with illnesses. Herbs have special nutrients that heal wounds. Food has some of the samenutrients that herbs have. Some of the illnesses the colonists could get were mental illness. First of all, they did not have any doctors around. Back then they didn't really know much about illness, let alone how to cure them. The colonists got lots of herbal cures when they befriended the Native Americans. Some common cures were: leeches/blood letting, hot soup, and purging (throwing up). A famous man named Benjamin Rush treated the mentally ill. He basically created what we use today, talk therapy. This man also thought that mental illness could be shaken out of a person, so he built a contraption that swung and shook patients for hours.

This is a man that is ill

The History of Medicine in America

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